Genteel® Lancing Device for Pets allows
pet owners to easily check blood glucose
levels at home without pain!

The only device approved for animal use.

Help stop the transmission of bacteria and viruses, such as Coronavirus.

During independent in-vitro trials Surfaceskins® are proven to KILL E.Coli, Salmonella, S.Aureus, E.Faecalis in seconds over 7 days.

POLYAIR® - Single Valve Cushions

The Polyair® cushion with pneumatic air-cells are best
suited to less active patients with very limited mobility
who are at a higher risk of developing, or have
already developed pressure ulcers.

All Polyair® cushions include the pump.

POLYAIR® 10cm Profile - Single Valve Cushions

HMS Medical is proud to present to you
our new and exciting product range!!

You may have noticed some of our products
are no longer available.

As we move forward in a new direction our main focus
is delivering exceptional customer service that
we are known for.

HMS Medical has the solutions for all your
patient care needs...

Just a click away!

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Latest HMS Medical Announcements

The DTU6 is fully portable and lightweight


Brand New Product from HMS Medical


LATEST Range OF PROducts


Positioning Straps - SPU

ABC Coversheets - "Pinkies"

Protect your patients eyes when they cant, with our IGuards

Disposable patient positioning straps are used to ensure correct and safe positioning when on the operating table

A quilt of high fluid absorbing crystals and a pink PE backing to prevent fluids escaping from underneath.

Escort Bariatric Chair

Ski Pad Evacuation Mattress

Bariatric Training Suit

The Escort Bariatric Chair is a motorised Patient Transport Chair that offers simple drive control features.

Ideal where staircases or fire escapes are too narrow and as a result would make mattress or chair evacuation not an option.

The bari-suit® is a bariatric training aid. It allows nursing staff to develop the specialist skills required to safely manage a bariatric patient.








Our aim at HMS is to work with our customers and assist them with being able to deliver better patient outcomes. We have a strong focus on O H & S / manual handling and we pride ourselves on our innovative range of products as well as our support and ongoing training. We work closely with other Australian and international healthcare companies in order to provide the best, cost effective products for your facility.

HMS Medical Pty Ltd was established in 2008 and is committed to providing a wide range of Quality Products with outstanding customer service Australia Wide.

We are proud to provide the best in Patient care solutions to Hospitals, 
Day Surgeries, Nursing Homes, Physiotherapy Clinics and Emergency Services.