POLYAIR® - Single Valve Cushions

This bariatric training aid allows nursing
staff to develop the specialist skills
required to safely manage a bariatric patient.



POLYAIR® 10cm Profile - Single Valve Cushions

Optimal Vision Video Laryngoscope

High resolution, anti-fog imaging
Screen rotates on 2 axes
Disposable Mac blades
Body is protected from contamination
3 hours of continuous use

Patient Falls

HMS Medical has solutions to make the
inconvenience of falls a thing of the past.
IndeeLift® "The People Picker Upper "
Raizer® Lift Chair

*In-home use
*Aged Care Facilities
*Emergency Services

Patient Positioning Straps

Single Patient Use Patient Positioning Straps are a durable
safety strap and are ideal for specific positioning and security
of the patient on the operating table.

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Latest HMS Medical Announcements

Brand New Product from HMS Medical

Arm Positioning Straps

Brand New Product from HMS Medical

EPS-30 Positioning System

LATEST Range OF PROducts

The Bed Cradle supports bed linen, keeping the pressure off the legs and feet.

The Polyair® cushion with pneumatic air-cells is best suited to less active patients with very limited mobility who are at a higher risk of developing, or have already developed pressure ulcers

The Sil-Fixx Silicone Tape’s new technology incorporates the silicone into the PU base tape. It is highly permeable and conforming to the skin. Because of the gentle pain free properties it is ideal for use on patients with very sensitive skin

Therm-App® MD Pro is a Thermal imaging camera that is being used in the detection of fevers. This camera can accurately detect elevated skin temperature in a contactless way, at a distance of up to seven metres.

Gel Arm Retainer Pads come with velcro to hold securely in place on any J type arm support. Keeps patients arms securely by their side to prevent injury.


Operating Theatre




Our aim at HMS is to work with our customers and assist them with being able to deliver better patient outcomes. We have a strong focus on O H & S / manual handling and we pride ourselves on our innovative range of products as well as our support and ongoing training. We work closely with other Australian and international healthcare companies in order to provide the best, cost effective products for your facility.

HMS Medical Pty Ltd was established in 2008 and is committed to providing a wide range of Quality Products with outstanding customer service Australia Wide.

We are proud to provide the best in Patient care solutions to Hospitals, 
Day Surgeries, Nursing Homes, Physiotherapy Clinics and Emergency Services.