TROOP Pillow

The Troop Pillow® facilitates airway management for obese and large framed patients.

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The Troop Pillow was designed and developed by a practicing anaesthesiologist, the Troop Elevation Pillow addresses the inherent problem
of ‘stacking blankets’. The pillow quickly achieves the “head elevated laryngoscopy position, (H.E.L.P).” This position is
recommended for airway management of obese patients and is ideal for intra-op and post-op care

  • Aids airway management for obese patients.
  • Improves “ease-of-breathing”
  • Obese patients breathe more comfortably during pre-oxygenation (pre-induction) and during regional anaesthesia.
  • The Elevation Pillow greatly facilitates mask ventilation.
  • Helps align the Upper Airway Axes.
  • Easier, faster setup eliminating “stacking of blankets”.
  • Stable patient positioning is maintained during surgery.
  • Helps decrease acid reflux (aid to manage GERD).

  Troop Elevation Pillow Brochure HMS092021


TRP7006 Additional wedge supportEach
TRP7005 Base and Head CradleSet
TRPARMArmboard Pads for the Troop Elevation System.  66cm x 15cm x 15cmPair


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