Quik Vak Bean Bag Positioner

Quik Vak  Bean Bag Positioners are a U shaped positioner and available in Head and Neck plus 4 different widths to accommodate varying procedures and sizes.


The Quik Vak Bean Bag Positioners are a popular way to immobilize your patients safely and comfortably when undergoing surgical procedures. The unrivalled flexibility makes them incredibly easy to use. The bean bag molds in and around the patient and when the suction is applied, the bean bag becomes firm so as to keep the patient in the required position.

  • U Shaped design.
  • Quik Vac’s have a one click valve system ( no need to pinch or squeeze).
  • The materials are Latex free.
  • Are MRI compatible by removing the end section on the valve.
  • 12 months warranty against manufacturers defect.

    Quik Vac 052021

Cleaning Instructions: The bladder is manufactured with a highly resistant polyurethane material that can be cleaned with your standard PH-neutral liquid cleansers or wipes that are ordinarily used on OR table pads. Do not immerse or autoclave.

Materials: The outside is a polyurethane material with an antistatic and non-woven inner. This prevents the polystyrene beads from sticking to the material. Quik Vacs have inner chambers (micro spheres) to keep the beads in place and prevent them from bunching up. The density of the polystyrene beads has been optimized to provide good thermal isolation and to reduce the loss of heat from the patient.

    Quik Vac IFU


Size 11 Quik Vac
400mm x 350mm

Size 30 Quik Vac
730mm x 900mm

Size 31 Quik Vac
980mm x 900mm

Size 32 Quik Vac
1200mm x 900mm


Size 33 Quik Vac
1360mm x 900mm


Replacement valves available






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