VascoCare Supine Head Positioner

VascoCare Medical have introduced a new Supine Head Positioner which provides enhanced pressure relief with a proven anatomical design.




The VascoCare Supine Head Positioner is designed to offer superior pressure relief and weight distribution in comparison to traditional head rings. This product comprises two components – a comfortable Visco-elastic foam interior and a durable outer coating made of seamless, non-porous Hi-Tech Membrane material with high tear strength. Is a very robust product.

  • Designed so there is Zero pressure on the Occipital area to reduce decubitus ulcers, pressure alopecia and fluid pooling.
  • Non-slip-base grips to operating table mattress.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Smooth contoured surface for maximum comfort.
  • It has excellent flexibility that improves conformity to the skin.
  • Raised neck area supports cervical vertebrae and trapezoid muscle.
  • Greater patient stability.
  •  The concave base aids self-adjusting and allows air ventilation.
  • The fingered lateral support provides excellent pressure distribution, stability with a comfortable fit.
  • The outer coating has Excellent Abrasion Resistance and is Puncture/Burst Resistant.
  • Latex Free.
  • Compatible with CT Scanners as these do not cause artefacts.
  •  2 Year Product Warranty.
Code Description Length (±5mm) Width (±5mm) Height (±5mm) Weight (±20g)
VSHP23 Medium Supine Head Positioner 250mm 210mm 116mm 235 grams
VSHP24 Large Supine Head Positioner 282mm 237mm 132mm 360 grams

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