Single patient Use High Back Sling

Easy Applicator High Back SPU Slings
These are a range of Single Patient Use Slings with unique “rainbow” coloured webbing to differentiate from washable slings.
They are Breathable, Strong, Durable and can be used for Bathing, Showers and in Pool Therapy.


The High Back Sling has been designed as a single use patient only, and are available with clip or loop attachment. Unless the sling shows any signs of deterioration or is soiled, it can be therefore used for the duration of a patients stay.
These High Back Slings provide full body support, including head support and padded legs.
Disposable slings are just that, they are designed for short term use and should be inspected regularly for end user safety. All slings are fitted with a warning ‘DO NOT USE’ label which only becomes visible when in contact with liquid as an additional safety measure.

  • Single Patient Use.
  • Available in 5 sizes – clearly indicated on label and also with the colour coded binding.
  • SWL – S/M/L = 230Kgs.
    XL/XXL = 350kgs
  • Available with the universal clip or loop attachments.
  • Use for bed, chair, commode and floor transfers.
  • Has a comprehensive label – unique serial number
    – Space to write Patients name
    – QR code to be able to download the user manual
  • Wetness indicator in the “commode” area.

  Avant Innovations.HMS Medical – SPU High Back Slings and Size Guide

High Back Sling with Head support – LOOP attachment
Code Size  Binding Colour SWL Box Qty
RX-EASLG-10-FB-LDS-S S Red 230kgs 10
RX-EASLG-10-FB-LDS-M M Yellow 230kgs 10
RX-EASLG-10-FB-LDS-L L Green 230kgs 10
RX-EASLG-10-FB-LDS-XL XL Blue 350kgs 5
RX-EASLG-10-FB-LDS-XXL XXL Orange 350kgs 5
High Back Sling with Head support – CLIP attachment
RX-EASLG-10-FB-KC2-S S Red 230kgs 10
RX-EASLG-10-FB-KC2-M M Yellow 230kgs 10
RX-EASLG-10-FB-KC2-L L Green 230kgs 10
RX-EASLG-10-FB-KC2-XL XL Blue 350kgs 5
RX-EASLG-10-FB-KC2-XXL XXL Orange 350kgs 5




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