ViscoPro Cushion Complete - 5cm Profile

The ViscoPro Cushion Complete is a high performance pressure relieving cushion. A high quality open cell visco-elastic material is used to create a durable, temperature sensitive foam that will mold to any body shape. Available in 2 thicknesses.

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The ViscoPro Cushion Complete are suitable for clients who are at a very high risk of developing pressure areas, as well as those with skin damage up to and including stage 2. They mold to the users body shape. They allow maximum contact and therefore reducing the risk of pressure area development.
ViscoPRO Cushions are available in in two thicknesses:
5cm thick cushion is suitable for high risk users up to 100kgs.
7.5cm thickness is suitable for very high risk users up to 150kgs.
They all have a stretchable, breathable and waterproof PU cover with fully welded seams in addition to a generous zip overlap that will help prevent any possible fluid ingress.

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Cushion sizeCushion Height: 5cm (2”)Cushion Height: 7.5cm (3”)
38cm x 38cmVCPRO15152VCPRO15153
38cm x 40cmVCPRO15162VCPRO15163
38cm x 43cmVCPRO15172VCPRO15173
40cm x 40cmVCPRO16162VCPRO16163
40cm x 43cmVCPRO16172VCPRO16173
40cm x 46cmVCPRO16182
43cm x 43cmVCPRO17172VCPRO17173
43cm x 53cmVCPRO17212
46cm x 40cmVCPRO18163
46cm x 43cmVCPRO18172VCPRO18173
46cm x 46cmVCPRO18182VCPRO18183
46cm x 51cmVCPRO18202VCPRO18203
46cm x 53cmVCPRO18212VCPRO18213
46cm x 55cmVCPRO18222
48cm x 43cmVCPRO19172VCPRO19173
48cm x 46cmVCPRO19182VCPRO19183
48cm x 48cmVCPRO19193
51cm x 40cmVCPRO20163
51cm x 43cmVCPRO20172VCPRO20173
51cm x 46cmVCPRO20182
53cm x 43cmVCPRO21173
53cm x 46cmVCPRO21183


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