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Q2 Roller - Lateral Turning Device

Frequent turning and positioning is critical for bed-bound patients, yet it is often challenging for caregivers to
manage these patient handling tasks that require significant time and physical effort. To address these concerns,
HoverTech designed the Q2Roller™ Lateral Turning Device for easy and efficient lateral patient turning. The Q2Roller
comprises two inflatable chambers that are controlled by the clinician to achieve optimal positioning for patient care
and pressure relief from bony prominence’s. By eliminating the need for manual lifting, the Q2Roller protects both
the staff from injury and the patient from friction and shearing associated with traditional re positioning methods.

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The Q2Roller® Lateral Turning Device comprises two breathable inflatable chambers to facilitate easy and efficient lateral patient turning.

  • Adjustable chambers provide flexible positioning for hygiene and wound care applications
  • Quick release valves allow for rapid deflation of turning chambers
  • Breathable fabric prevents moisture build-up and enhances patient comfort
  • Disposable device eliminates the need for reprocessing and reduces potential for cross contamination
  • Variable speed air supply allows caregiver to control inflation for patient safety and comfort

Weight limit on the Q2Roller™ is 272kg.

BROCHURE:  Q2Roller HQ2R102017


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