Therm-App® MD Pro

Therm-App® MD Pro is a Thermal imaging camera that is being used in the detection of fevers to help minimise the spread of the Covid19 outbreak. This camera can accurately detect elevated skin temperature in a contactless way, at a distance of up to seven metres.


Therm-App® MD Pro is a temperature screening system that works by scanning people, as they pass through entrances or doorways. Body temperature is measured and displayed on the monitor. An elevated temperature will trigger an acoustic and visual alarm which can then be confirmed by taking a second reading with a medical thermometer.

The Therm-App® MD Pro device allows the flow or movement of people to be continual rather then having people stop and queue to have temperatures taken.

  • Able to scan multiple faces at once, with no distraction from other heat sources and no crowd interference.
  • Real-time based temperature auto-adjustment to compensate for localized climate change.
  • No crowd flow interference.
  • Stand alone solution – No additional calibration equipment required.
  • Quick hotspot detection – less than 0.3 seconds.
  • Real time operation.
  • Audio and visual alerts – identifies elevated temperatures and the potential risk of virus carriers.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Therm-App Pro Brochure _ Sept HMS


The Therm-App® MD Pro is not a diagnostic tool. It cannot detect if an individual is sick – only if he or she has elevated body temperature. A person triggering an elevated temperature must be checked with a medically approved  measurement method – such as a thermometer.


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