HoverMatt – Single Patient Use

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HoverMatt further addresses infection control and reprocessing concerns with the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use Air Transfer System.

This inflatable transfer mattress works just like the reusable HoverMatt air transfer system. Caregivers can safely transfer patients without lifting or straining. By virtually eliminating injuries related to lateral transfers and repositioning, the Single-Patient Use HoverMatt helps improve staff retention while significantly reducing the possibility of cross contamination and the need for outside laundering.

So many more reasons to choose the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use Transfer Mattress:

  • Air-assisted technology improves patient and caregiver safety and comfort during transfers
  • Inflated mattress moves patient in stable position, reducing skin shear and bruising
  • Single-patient use product eliminates costs and logistics associated with reprocessing and greatly reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Radiolucent and MRI compatible for artifact-free imaging
  • Available in multiple styles and widths with a 1200 lb. weight limit to accommodate most patients
  • Variable speed air supply provides quieter and slower inflation options
  • Available in 3 widths in the standard length as well as 2 widths in the half (lithotomy) length.

BROCHURE:  Hovermatt SPU HMSSPU062017-1

HM34SPU34 inch – Boxes of 1086cm W x 198cm L
HM39SPU39 inch – Boxes of 1099cm W x198cm L
HM50SPU50 inch – Boxes of 5127cm W x 198cm L
HM34SPU-Mini34inch – Boxes of 1086cm W x 115cm L
HM39SPU-Mini39inch – Boxes of 1099cm W x 115cm L

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