Our Commitment

Our aim at HMS is to work with our customers and assist them with being able to deliver better patient outcomes. We have a strong focus on O H & S / manual handling and we pride ourselves on our innovative range of products as well as our support and ongoing training. We work closely with other Australian and international healthcare companies in order to provide the best, cost effective products for your facility.

Our Service

HMS Medical Pty Ltd was established in 2008 and covers all of Qld and Northern NSW. We distribute a wide range of quality products into hospitals, day surgery, nursing homes and physiotherapy clinics. Some of the products we supply are listed below.

Rehabilitation & Manual Handling

Exercise & Rehabilitation

We have a full range of resistive exercise bands, along with balls and balance cushions. Our Sanctband range is powder free.


Soft protection for forearm comfort, Ultra-soft interchangeable grip, 9 colour choices.

Resistant Bands

Active super loops are a continuous rubber loop designed to provide strength and speed training for athletes.

Hand Exercisers

Sanctband Hand Exercisers are silicon-based, latex free squeeze balls that are ergonomically designed in an egg shape.

Manual Handling

Includes HoverMatts, coversheets, VacPacs, patient positioning aids along with our lightweight range of Laparoscopic needleholders.


HoverMatt further addresses infection control and reprocessing concerns with the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use Air Transfer System.


The Evacuation HoverJack® II can lift and transport bariatric patients.

Hover Air Supply

The Hovertech variable speed airsupply offers four slower speeds for use with the HoverApps positioning devices.

Surgical Medical

General Medical

Designed to help medical staff easily lift and manoeuvre patients, our range of manual handling aids and equipment is a must-have for any hospital or day surgery clinic.

StaminaLift Bedmover TS5000

The StaminaLift TS5000 takes the strain and injury out of patient transfers.

Easy2Move - Slide Sheets

No laundering costs, Reduced risk of cross infection.

Surgical & Patient Positioning

Includes HoverMatts, coversheets, VacPacs, patient positioning aids along with our lightweight range of Laparoscopic needleholders.

SSL-9000 LED Headlight

Sunoptics Surgical SSL-9000 LED headlight delivers the bright white light needed for surgical procedures.

Positioning Gels

A wide range of positioning gels available. Designed for all uses.

Neonatal & Aged Care

Maternity & Neonatal

Maternity and newborn baby care is made so much easier with our range of maternity and neonatal equipment.


The CUB is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions.

Neonatal Phototherapy Shades

The ergonomic shape and the soft cushioning ensure that the Neo-Photoshades will block any harmful light to the infants eyes


The Neo-Snug mimics the position that the baby would be in in-utero and so provides comfort and security for the newborn

Aged Care

Our aged care range of products will assist with caring for your elderly patients, in both facilities and your own homes.

Hip Protector

SafeHip® AirX™ is a 100% textile hip protector with the protector shield based on AirX™ spacer fabric technology, which is a breathable, skin friendly and soft textile material.


Pinkies are constructed from a non-woven PAA material, with a quilt of high fluid absorbing crystals and a pink PE backing to prevent fluids escaping from underneath.